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To bring in the highest benefit to our customers by enhancing product quality and other related services.

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All of our processing lines are designed, produced and installed comprehensively by the Hosokawa Alpine from Germany.  These processing lines are considered the most advanced technology in the world at the moment. With these modern machines, we are proud to be one of a few manufacturers who can produce CaCO3 powder with medium particle size (D50) at 0.3 micron while the tolarance is only 0.1 micron. With the production capacity upto more than 20,000 tons/month and the storing facility at more than 10,000 tons, we are confident to satify any of your requirements.


Determining sources of raw materials as the firm base for our long-term development, right from the start, we have set priority for exploring high quality limestone quarries and requesting for exploiting licenses. Until now, we are the owner of 2 limestone quarries at Chau Hong and Chau Quang commune of Quy Hop district, Nghe An province. These quarries cover an area of 45 hectares with the total reserve of more than 30 million tons. CaCO3 stone at our quarries are characterized by high whiteness, brightness and purity.

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Repsecting the motto “Top quality – Best services!”, we always concentrate on building an effective quality management system. To further satisfy customers’ requirements, we keep on innovating the new producing methods, enhancing product quality, researching to apply new commercial norms in supplying the products. Our technical staff are willing to support the customer by providing the testing results, giving advices and consultances to find out the grade that are most suitable for customer’s use.

AMC’s management system and the working processes are ISO 9001 : 2015 certified and applied in accordance with terms and conditions of this ISO certificate.

At AMC, we have all the necessary devices to monitor product quality like: The mastersizer 2000E from UK and Tyler Seives from the USA to check particle size, The Konica Minolta CR-410 from Japan to measure whiteness and brightness, The Ohaus MB-45 to monitor the moisture.


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Mr. Chien
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Sales Manager

Ms. Trang
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Overseas Sales

Mr. Thang
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Domestic Sales

Mrs. Yen
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Ms. Lan
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Tax code: 2900859599

Address: Lot 32 C, Nam Cam Industrial Zone, Nghi Loc district, Nghe An province, Vietnam


Phone: +84 238 3791 777